Monday, August 31

Practicing Patience

Okay, I'm officially fed up with this whole "moving" process mainly because it's not moving. I've decided though that this is God trying to teach me patience. Too bad I'm so bad at it. My tendency is to think a lot about a decision, but once I make it I just want it done. Not so this time, it's no one's fault or anything. It's just every step of this prepping the house to sell takes 10 times as long as I thought and involves 10 times the problems I thought. So I'm looking around for bible verses on patience because this is obviously not one of the fruits of the spirit I posses in abundance. Any suggestions?

I now have an awesome handyman "my uncle Gene" who's going to get everything done but he can't come until the end of September. If anyone in the Edmonton area needs a handyman ask me for his contact information...he's awesome and thorough. I know when he's done the house will easily make back what I'm spending to fix it up.

I also had a lot of great help at my fix up party yesterday. Even with the very hot weather we got a lot done and items packed. I'm still exhausted today from it and humbled by the awesome help I got at a point where I really needed it. It helped me feel better about my support network and restored my faith in my friends and family...which never should have wavered.

It's really humbling to realize how much support I have to draw on and how much I forget that sometimes while I'm trying to steamroll ahead. Sometimes slowing down and practicing patience reveals the holy in the little things. I've been so busy stressing myself and my family and friends out by trying to rush through these pre-moving steps that I've been missing the chances to just visit and be supported by the people who care about me the most. So here's the invite come for a cup of tea, let's go for supper, do you need some help, give me a call.

I'm going to enjoy the next month and not fret about the house or the time it's taking because all these road blocks obviously are a sign that it's not time yet...see God can hit us over the head if we don't listen...and I'm going to trust that when it's time, I'll get a buyer, I'll find an awesome place and it'll all be the right thing. Remember God says, "All things work for good"

Thanks for you patience with me and I'm going to go keep practicing.

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