Sunday, June 3

A Quiet Weekend

It was a very quiet weekend for me, I watched some movies, read some books and did nothing beyond a little housework.  It actually was pretty nice to be lazy, as the week gets started again I'll be busy with school work but we're over the halfway point.  Time to start working on some papers and final presentations.  I can't believe that in a few weeks I'll be done and have two months off.  I've offered to housesit for my parents for a few weeks of that but I'm not sure what I want to do with the rest.  I'll meet in the next week or two with my cooperating teacher for the fall and then I'll know when I need to be back to school with them.  I'm excited and nervous about spending the fall/winter in kindergarten.  I'm glad that I'll have an experienced teacher to help guide me as I head into this new adventure.

I've been doing a little searching and I could teach in the UK, in fact with a few shots and a pet passport even tybalt could come with me.  I'll put my application in to the grad studies program but part of me wouldn't mind spending a year or two teaching abroad.  I'm a little torn about it but I think I'll end up in Edmonton.  However, my feet are itchy to travel.  I've been in one place too long, I guess.  Part of why I'm willing to go abroad now is that while I'd miss my family lots there's not much here for me.  I'm realizing I can't just go back to my old life because it doesn't fit anymore.  Everyone moved on, including me and I can't pretend nothing changed.