Wednesday, July 21

Beauty secrets

Okay Lady Godiva I'm not and I'm not a fashion diva but I think I get out the door looking okay and I feel like if you find something awesome you should share, so this post is one big free advertisement :D

I've found this awesome face cleanser, toner, lotion set at L'Octaine. I first discovered this company in Paris (which sounds cool) and now they're in Edmonton at West Edmonton. They make awesome natural products and the new Red Rice Vinegar cleansing stuff is amazing, I've always struggled with acne but this really does clear it up and doesn't dry out my skin. So it looks good and clear. You do need to use all three products for the best results but it's easy to use and worth it.

I've also found this great body moisturizer. Its from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, and it comes in different formulas and scents. I use the unscented for eczema which does smell of beeswax but that's all. It looks like a deodorant and that makes it easy to apply you put it on and let it melt into your skin, the wax kind of seals the cocoa butter in so it lasts a long long time. I have very sensitive skin and this is the first time something doesn't cause a rash and actually soothes my skin when it's reacting to something else.

Lastly I've found some great new makeup. I splurged and bought mineral makeup from a seller on Etsy. I've been using it for a few days now and I love it!! It's so subtle but really covers well. No one can hardly tell I'm wearing makeup I just look like me but better. It lasts all day without feeling heavy or greasy or gross. The seller I bought from on Etsy even included a little brush set with my stuff. I think I'll end up going back for more eye colours since I like playing with eye colours.

Chocolate while not technically a beauty product just seems to belong here and I've found that it's worth it to buy good chocolate and I eat less and it works better :D So I've started buying the Lindt bars, my favorite is the 70% dark chocolate with caramel. It's really as decadent as it sounds and yet a bar lasts me several days since I just eat a few squares at a time.

Well that's my free advertising but I like these products a lot!

Tuesday, July 20


Well it's official this time!! The conditions came off and my house is sold. The new owner takes possession August 27th and I've set my moving date for the 14th of August. I spent this morning arranging utilities shut down the house ones and setting up the apartment. I've been shipping the excess stuff off to friends and family and I'll begin packing soon. After getting some quotes I decided to do this the harder way and solicit any friends and family help to move me and a Uhaul to Regina. Things are starting to come together but it seems like every time 3 things fall into place 6 more need to be done. Deep breaths soon I'll be moved and settling into a new place and hopefully things settle down with it.

To celebrate the sale, I spent the day cleaning :( I even cleaned out all the science projects from the fridge. I need to learn to cook smaller portions or start freezing half, after a while you just can't eat anymore of one thing. I did learn that sauerkraut doesn't mold it just dries out, however tabuleh salad goes really downhill in interesting ways.

Dad is doing much better and is busier now he's at the Glenrose, the staff there really does a great job. He still can't use his one arm for another couple weeks of healing, then the brace will come off and they'll begin getting him strong enough to go home. They got him set up with a one hand driven wheelchair so he's got some mobility and they have lots of recreation activities including a wood class he attends. He still appreciates visitors but at least if someone isn't there he can head down to the tv room and find someone to play crib with.

I've been a little down lately not horrible just lacking motivation, probably some of it's due to the weather which has been rainy and some of it emotional with all the changes but I'm trying to keep busy and find chances to get together with friends before I leave.

Friday, July 9


HERBERT the hippo! My awesome friends Terry and Kathryn got me a hippo friend and he's a telus hippo :D which makes him even cooler. So I have a new monthly goal to craft Herbert a monthly wardrobe.

I needed something positive today since my sale pretty much fell apart here, they didn't get their financing, they didn't do their inspection and so I'm back to house showing. The hardest part of this was that I could do nothing about this so I just had to sit back and let it happen but it was on and off for the last few days which was even harder than just them saying no.

On the positive side I got the apartment I wanted in Regina so next week I'll be talking to movers and setting up/closing down utilities. I did the google street-view of my new neighborhood, I live on top of a used bookstore, an ethiopian restaurant and the schizophrenia center. I will be a block from a 7 eleven and a 24 hour shoppers drug mart. The bus stop is just outside my door for the bus to the university. So I'm pretty psyched there are also lots of hotels in the downtown core just blocks away so you have a place to stay if you come visit.

I also got my invite to the mature student orientation event which is an evening of dessert and cocktails with a campus tour. I'm excited to go and meet some people and no frisbees or beer in sight. After they tried to put me in dorms i was a little worried that they didn't consider me a mature student but thankfully I am so I can hopefully find a niche and a few new people to meet.