Tuesday, August 11


Why does life have to move so fast?  August is zooming by and I've decided to put my place up for sale in September, some time in between I need to clean out the garage, finish the basement, recarpet the study (after removing everything from there) steam clean a sofa, declutter and pack away stuff, get in cleaners to do a deep clean of everything, and get my messed up finance stuff figured out.  Sometime in there I work weekends, take a trip to Ottawa, Fringe festival happens, and I have to cope with facing our anniversary. Yup piece of cake...NOT  oh yeah as well the lawn still needs mowing and I haven't done dishes in a while so they should probably get done.  

So what did I do for two days...feel so overwhelmed I went into a funk, had horrible heartburn and stay in bed without showering.  I get so mad at myself I have all this stuff to do but I can't get motivated to do it.  Part of me just wants it to go away but that won't happen anytime soon.  I feel so swamped I just want to cry and now I'm double book for garage cleaning day and have to work something out for that.  I just don't know how I'm going to get this all done and I don't even know how to drywall so I have to find some help but don't even know where to begin. 

Okay that's my pity party for today.  On the positive side I had a great time visiting with Greg, Ranee and the girls and I'm looking forward to my trip to see them in Ottawa and have more time visiting with them the September long weekend.  I also had a great time with my family as we celebrated my mom's birthday.  I also got my sister's long overdue birthday presents completed. The meeting with realtor went really well and he gave me solid things I need to get done to show the place, he also assured me he can help me find something perfect for me in my price range :-)  and as a bonus he gave me the name of someone who can help me straighten up the mess the bank has made of my financial life.  

So mainly I'm saying the rollercoaster continues I go up, I go down.  Right now is the spinny part where I feel disorientated and a little lost but I think we all have days like that.  


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