Wednesday, August 19

Power of positivity

I woke up this  morning and decided I wouldn't let things get me down but that I'd be positive.  Today marks a happy day and just like with all the other holidays and birthdays I've faced I decided to look for the good.  So just an update to say it's been a good day, K and I packed boxes of books we're about half done.  I filled 2 bags and a bin with goodwill items (all mine) and for a special treat for me....brownies fresh baked and ready soon to be served with vanilla bean ice cream....mmmmm.... 

On prayer news please pray for my Grandma, her finger thing is getting weirder so they are going to take it off (the finger I mean).  This third surgery is set for September 4th and should hopefully be the last in this finger bone cancer saga.  Grandma's a little anxious and frustrated with the process so just pray for peace for her and steady hands for the surgery team. 

On Tuesday I'll be going to look at a variety of places trying to decide what I want to move to.  This should be exciting and fun, my realtor keeps telling me not to fall in love but there is this one listing...but really I need to see some places before I make any decisions.  I'll keep you all posted on my shopping day!

Well the brownies and my new magazines call, if you're ever bored and need something to do give me a call...I have quite a few projects needing doing or avoiding depending on your mood.

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