Thursday, January 24

The cops arrive and so do the blahs

Okay this weekend was crazy and then I got a bad case of the winter blahs so I haven't posted yet this week.
Saturday the phone rings and it's DH's friend coming into town, so we plan on dinner and get back to house cleaning. We go out for dinner bringing another of DH's friends with us so its me and the three boys. During dinner talk turns to drinking and we end up at Ezzie's our old haunt (site of DH and I's original hookup). 1 drink quickly turns into 5 and that's when I realize that this could be bad. However, sanity prevailed and I sipped my drinks and only did the shots put in front of me. DH and I got tired and tried to convince his friend to head home with us at the respectable hour of 1am but he wanted to stay and drink till they closed. So we walked home, took his keys told him our side door would be open and to let himself in. We get home order some pizza and shortly after our phone rings. It's the police asking us if we'll claim our friend and what our address is. Apparently he'd gotten lost, someone reported a drunk man stumbling around and the police picked him up. So for the first time we had the police at our house. It was deeply exciting and is going to be one of my favorite memories. However Sunday afternoon is a close second with the boys both napping and snoring with the dog and our cat joining in. I'm sure glad we finished the basement and I could retreat down there and watch a movie in peace and quiet.

The rest of the weeks been fairly quiet, I'm fighting the winter blahs and that means all I want to do is sleep most of the time. I'm glad I have work to drag me out of bed and work was busy this week. I went in to a school and did a preschool visit one of my favorite things. It was great I've been going every 6 weeks to this am and pm class and they remembered my name this time and we're excited to see me. I got some pics of me reading to the kids and I'll post them when I get home and scan them in. I also went to one of the big branches to do a reference desk job shadow which mainly meant I got to go spend the afternoon there getting some tours and sitting at the desk chatting with their staff :-) I did answer a few questions and enjoyed my time seeing how a "big" branch works, especially since once our new location opens we'll be the "big" branch.

Okay I should get some work done, it's pretty quiet here but still they are paying me to work not chat with you all. I'll post more later.


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