Sunday, January 6

The Fire Rose and Making Money

Well it's been nice to take a few days and just relax, play some board games with friends (I really wanted to go out but everyone else claimed old age and wanted to stay in), watch some cheesy movies (I confess I watched High School Musical 1 and 2 on Saturday) and read some excellent books. I made it through The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey and Making Money by Terry Pratchett. Both were excellent I could hardly put them down and make an effort to be sociable.

The Fire Rose was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale but it was so well done as to make me forget the original story and just enjoy this story all on it's own. Set during the Industrial Revolution, with a dash of magic added in. The main characters are so well written they come alive and the setting is believable and detailed without slowing the plot down at all. The author allows you to discover the world without long descriptive paragraphs laying everything out like many fantasy authors do. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series, I had been procrastinating from this series although I've read pretty much all of Mercedes Lackey's other stuff and should have realisized that an author that could make me love a world with talking magical horses (cheesy sounding I know) wouldn't disappoint with her fairy tale retellings.

On a side note she's also doing a series for the Luna publishing line that is excellent as well, in fact if you like character driven fantasy check out the Luna books. Luna is part of Harlequin but it's female fantasy writers writting books for women fantasy readers usually with a female main character. I didn't have high expectations but so far most of the stuff I've read has been excellent and it's a great place to start reading fantasy if you're new to the genre and find series of 23 books long intimidating.

Making Money is yet another hit in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, I had high expectations and wasn't disapointed one little bit. Starring Moist von Lipwig who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Discworld characters. This time his mission is to over haul Ankh MorPork's banking system and he does it with his usual swift talking, slightly shady flare. I have to say I love Terry Pratchett he's my most recommended author, the books are all funny, have an element of satire and political commentary in them that is very sharp and easy to read. I also love how every book can stand on it's own and be a great book but you can read them all and they interlace and enhance each other as well. Again he's a great author for people new to the fantasy genre who want something on the lighter side.

Well sounds like supper's boiling over (exciting I know) and tonight is more board games and visiting with friends. Happy suprise was that tomorrow's a day off for me so I think I'll get through the Hindi movie I brought home to watch this weekend and ran out of time for and finish getting a Birthday gift together for my Uncle.


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