Saturday, January 19

Nymphos and Michael Buble

Well DH is a happy man, I kinda lost most of my voice at the Michael Buble concert so it's been a quiet couple days. The concert was amazing, MB is a great performer and he stages a good show. I imagine this was what it would be like to go to a vegas crooner show during the heyday. Lots of good songs but he also works the crowd with lots of chat and flirting. He's not much of a dancer but somehow he makes it work. The musicians touring with him as his band were very talented too and I was very impressed. The opening act was also amazing Naturally 7 was their name and they do vocal play. It's hard to explain but they do the whole song (percussion, guitar, organ etc.) but all vocally no instruments and man can they sing. My mom developed a total crush on one of them and I have to agree he was one fine looking man ;)

In the post concert quiet I finished The Nymphos of Rocky Flats and man I couldn't believe it the book was excellent. The plot was exciting, took some good twists I didn't expect and wasn't trashy at all. In fact it was just a very well written adventure mystery story with some very cool characters. I'm going to have to find the authors other 2 books I enjoyed this one so much. The characters were so believable and it looks like the main character is in the other 2 books so I'm excited to see more of him. You wouldn't believe it but it didn't have any sex scenes just some suggestive scenese and the main character only got involved with one female and she wasn't even one of the nympos I was totally shocked.

I also read Catherine Coulter's new book Wizard's Daughter in her Bride series and it was horrible; I only finished it by bribing myself. She normally writes a nice historical romance nothing special but usually funny and nice strong female lead. This one sucked, the characters were flat one dimensional and I had the plot figured out from about page 10. She also took this into the paranormal fantasy range which was completely bizarre and very badly written. All in all it didn't fit with the rest of the series and I don't recommend it. I'm also saddened because the blurb at the back of the book looked like she was going to write a sequel to it.

Well it seems I'm going to have to wait a bit before I get a new car so I'm stuck with Daisy. The speedometer doesn't work, the radiator leaks, she loses oil and she's just a little quirky but I'm stuck with her. At lease DH fixed the brakes, the heat and the doors. I guess I'll just hold out for a while more. Part of the problem is I hate most of the cars that are on the market right now they have absolutely no style and they all look alike. I like the VW bug but it is horribly overpriced even used and has horrible reliablity ratings. I like the mustang but two of my coworkers drive one and I'm not one to follow the crowd. So I'm stuck what I really like is a vintage car but the reliablity is a bit of a problem. I'd love a convertible too which isn't practical at all but as I told DH neither is a motorcycle and he owns 2.

I'll leave you with the story of the day Daisy's door stopped working:
The passenger door wasn't working you could only open it from the inside, the real low point was when the drivers door started doing the same thing. Picture this, me with a bag of books, a backpack and in a dress because I was doing preschool storytime wanting to go home. I go to the drivers door unlock it and pull on it NOTHING so I turn the key the other way again NOTHING so I go to the passenger side same thing happens. I knew it was a long shot but maybe. So there I am staring at my car in consternation, the library is closed, the alarm is set and I don't have a cell phone so I'm unable to call DH for help. Then I look at the back hatch and think okay I can do this. So I open the hatch toss my stuff in and climb in after them, over the back seats and into the front seat while this old gentleman in the car to the left stares at me like I'm insane and I try to maintain my dignity by keeping my skirt modestly in place. Then I have to open the passenger door to get out because even from the inside the drivers door won't open and run to the back and close the hatch, climb back into the passengers side and over the console into the drivers seat.

Gotta run!

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