Friday, January 11

Funniest Movie Ever

Today was a good day, okay yes I forgot my lunch but it was staff meeting so my boss brought donuts in and Safeway has a great salad bar so I was okay probably shouldn't have eaten the donut but I think the salad balanced it out. It was quiet at the library, someone brought real cream for our coffee or in my case tea and to top it off I had a date! DH and I went to see In the Name of the King and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. I think it was supposed to be serious but man they missed the mark, not that it was bad just not say LOTR quality. It was like the director said, "Okay what does a fantasy epic movie need..elves...check..tough guy who doesn't know his origins...check...okay bases covered now lets add some of those cool matrix effects everyone likes those matrix effects and then decided lets do some fancy editing and overwrought dialogue. Great now we have a movie" It was amazingly bad and good at the same time he couldn't have made a better fantasy parody comedy if he'd tried. I recommend seeing it but like we did with a free pass :) it's better if you don't pay for it.

Then to top this amazing day off it was new paperback day at the library my favorite day of the month. This months offerings were slim lots of yawn and current bestsellers which being the book snob I somehow became I avoid. If Oprah endorsess it I don't read it unless I read it before she endorsed it (it's kinda scary the power she wields over literary reading patterns). This time instead of my usual 10 or so (I restrain myself so everyone else gets some) I only picked up 6, 3 I may return without reading 2 are fluffy romances by authors that are reliable light entertaining reads Catherine Coulter and Mary Balogh and 1 I'm really excited about! The title is The Nymphos of Rocky Flats and I would have picked it up for the title alone but the plot sounds deliciously ridiculous. Man comes home from Iraq as a vampire becomes a PI gets called in to investigate a suspicious outbreak of Nymphomania and finds a secret government plot tied into it with rumours of Rosewell. I mean come on how do you top a plot description like that. I'll let you all know if it lives up to its admitedly high potential.

I've been reading more in the Mercedes Lackey Elemental series and the books I've read have been excellent I've made it through the Gates of Sleep (retelling of Sleeping Beauty with some very interesting twists) and I'm now starting The Serpent's Shadow which is looking to be the best so far. In between I read an excellent teen book A Countess below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson which was a historical novel set just after WW1, the main character is a Russian Countess who flees to England only to become a housemaid. There's a touch of romance with her falling for her employer but the problem is he's engaged to be married to a total nightmare of a girl. The plot wasn't deep or unpredictable but the way the author wrote it was fresh and well researched, and the characters were believable all things I like in a book. I also liked that I could enjoy a historical novel without any throbbing members like in a lot of historical novels with a romance plot, I'll have to plunder the teen collection more often.

Wow you'd think all I'd done lately is read but not really, I've started the New Year with a fresh resolve to be healthy and so I've been spending a lot of time on my eliptical machine watching Meerkat Manor (I highly recommend this show for anyone who likes animals or soap operas). I've also been trying to spend more time with DH which mainly means putting my book down at the table and actually talking to the dude. Yes Mom I know reading at the table is rude and you tried to cure me of it for 18 years but it's hard to put your book down when it's at the good point.

Well it's late I work tomorrow, hopefully it's a quiet Saturday (not likely) but it is the Motorcycle Show this weekend so I have that to look forward to.


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