Tuesday, February 12

Aargh Mothers!!!

Why is it that the relationship between my mother and I can never be easy. She's totally pissed off at me and I'm not even sure why exactly. I do know she doesn't like the shower I've got planned for my sister for her wedding, but really it's not about her. The shower is at a time and with a theme that suits the bride, isn't that what matters?

I just don't get it, I get blasted for trying to do my best for my sister and yeah I know that a Friday evening shower isn't typical but the bride works weekends and had asked if we could work around her schedule so she didn't have to take too much time off work. Also since it is a Friday and evening we thought it would be nice to offer wine and chocolate martini's in addition to punch and tea so that means we can't have the shower at the church, so instead I offered my place. I know our place isn't huge but really if we take out the dining room table we can double the area for guest seating, and if the location bothered my mom soo much instead of going on a rampage telling me how sucky this shower idea was she could have offered her place but silly me.

I'm really upset and I hope this doesn't ruin my sister's shower. Mom did have a valid point that for my elderly great aunts and my grandmother who don't like to drive at night or don't drive the location is difficult but I had already thought about that and was going to ask some of the cousins or my DH to do some chauffering. But I didn't even get a chance to say anything. So now Mom's not talking to me and she's said she's going to plan her own shower for all the people I'm inconvenincing with my selfishness. I am so frustrated and upset that she's being this way, I mean it's just a wedding shower we're going to sit in a room, make small talk, eat some sweets, maybe play a stupid game and watch the bride open presents all of which can happen on a Friday night at my house just as well as a Sunday afternoon at the church.

Good thing she isn't involved in the bachellorette party and those plans are going smoothly and my sister has picked awesome bridesmaids who've been amazing about helping get this stuff organized.

I'm back to work so I'll go calm down


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