Sunday, June 27


Well it's official, the house sold in less than 24 hours. We still have to have the conditions removed which are the buyers financing falling into place and a home inspection. Very normal and it sounds like it should go smoothly. I can't believe what a state I worked myself into over this selling business and then to have it go so easy. Once again I underestimated God, I didn't even think to pray about it and yet he still provided. I don't know why I always forget to give my worries over to him. I really prefer to keep them to myself but he still finds away to work around me and despite me give me what I need.

I'm happy the process went well, I'm happy that I can move on but I'm sad to leave. Now it's time to pack, hire movers, do the paperwork and start a new life in Regina.


Anonymous said...

That is super duper news! Only a days worth of strangers traipsing through your home :-)
Michelle S

Jen said...

Great news! We'll have to get together again so I can return your books (thanks for letting me borrow them). I'm glad everything went so smoothly for you!