Tuesday, June 1

Prize Time

Aren't you excited? Here it is all finished this evening! I'm a little disappointed that the pieces warped so it doesn't fit quite right back together but all in all it looks pretty good. This was my first and will be my last altered puzzle unless I get paid lots because it's very finicky work and time consuming but I like the quilt effect it ends up with. It was a good way to experiment with new techniques and it pushed me to find ways to keep trying to use the same supplies in different ways. So it was a good experience builder for me.

The star craft supply I used for this project was the Tim Holtz Distress Ink's...wow...they do so much to age and change the appearance of papers. I also got a special book in the mail last week it was my copy of Tim Holtz's book signed to me!!! If you craft I have to say he has some of the most interesting supplies and is one of my top picks when I'm trying to find interesting new products.

I didn't say last post but you have a week to comment to be considered for the draw! Hope you're as excited as I am. I'm going to try to post more of my crafts here on my blog it helps keep me motivated and working on new projects.


Becka said...

I commented on your post on Craftster and thought that i'd come and see if you'd put more details on your blog.

It's such a pretty puzzle! I have distress inks but I obviously just don't use them as well as you. My stuff never turns out this nice :P

thanks for sharing.

btw. I'm beckashell on Craftster

Crankygirl said...

oo oo!! Pick me, Pick me! I drafted my comment before I even knew there WAS a contest, so clearly, I'm the best. :) Plus, that puzzle would look smashing in Xoie's new room...

Monica said...

looks really good. almost like a quilt sort of but nevertheless, it looks good.

Alex Free said...

Ypur puzzle and ink/paper talent reminded me of another post I saw this week
Jan is one of the ladies who works at the Urban Scrapbook.

Jen said...

That is very, very cool! I agree - it does look like a quilt, and I like the buttons. Please do post more crafts - I want to start altering tins and I could use some inspiration!