Monday, June 21

The Selling Blues

Well a lot of hard work later and finally I'm ready to list the house...well sort of ready. Emotionally I'm not sure I'm ready but it has to happen. It's very bitter sweet to be bidding farewell to this place. While there's been a lot of sadness this last year, it was our happy home for quite a while. I remember the joy we felt when bought this place, the hopes and dreams we dreamt while we moved in, the memories we made in the following years. There were so many good times, now that's all gone. Leaving this place means leaving behind the good and the bad, moving forward but leaving the past behind. Emotionally I'm feeling very mixed feelings.

I'm also very anxious about the showing the house part. What to do with the kitties, what to do with me, keeping the place in show condition day after day, it makes my head hurt.

Oh well, it has to if you know anyone who would like a very nice well cared for bungalow with nice neighbors send them my way.

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Bookworm K said...

Your feelings are completely understandable and natural. Anyone moving on from a home full of memories would feel sad, but it's harder in your case because the person you made all those memories with won't be with you to create new ones in the future. Just remember that those memories don't stay with the house -- they'll be with you wherever you are.

Selling is a pain in the butt -- keeping the place clean is the hardest part. When we moved, I remember thinking that I would rather take a little less in the asking price if it meant we'd have more interest and we'd get an offer faster. I didn't want to go through a long process and stress too much. Money isn't everything -- if you can afford to sell for a few thousand less than you'd like, it might be a good thing to keep in mind. And be ready for the whirlwind of the first few days on market -- everyone wants to come by and see it right away for fear of losing out on a great deal to someone else who got there first.

Best of luck to you!!