Monday, June 7

Drumroll Please....

Well it's officially the end of my contest and we have a winner! I put all your names in a bowl shook it up and picked one...the winner is....Michelle S. ! Congrats!! Thanks for everyone for stoking my ego and responding; it was fun to see how many read my blog and to hear that everyone would tell me if my breath stinks. LOL Tyb and Adrianna were excited to help prepare the prize, they thoroughly inspected it and deemed it a worthy prize!

Today I helped my sister Natalie and her husband Mark move into their new place and it is a beautiful townhouse. I have a little house envy because it's exactly the kind of place I'd like for myself. I'm really pleased for them :D Also, I'm pleased because I came away with a car load of boxes so I can finish cleaning and the last of the packing around here and then actually get unstuck and list this place.

I had a busy weekend visiting with lots of friends which was great! I'm trying to get out more and being more proactive about reaching out to friends with plans to get together. Today I am really tired so I'm relaxing by watching more episodes from season 3 of the muppet show. I adore the muppets and the muppet show is still the funniest thing. It never seems to get old and I can never decide which is my favorite muppet.


Jen said...

The muppet show ROCKS! I always liked the Swedish chef, as well as Dr. Bunsen and Beaker.

MOnica said...

muppets... i like gobble gobble.