Thursday, June 10

more soapy bubble thoughts

We'll I thought I would avoid cold/flu season but apparently some germs were just waiting for me to get back and settled in before hitting with a vengeance. The worst seems to be over now I'm just coughing and I'm hoping a hot bath will loosen the last of the gunk up. So I thought it's time for some random thoughts from my head.

1. Law and Order: Apparently this show is just the thing the doctor ordered, I've been watching tons of episodes and both the original series and the Special Victims Unit series. I've come to the conclusion I like the SVU cast the best but Lennie Driscoe is the funniest character. Do you watch? Who do you like? It's a lot of fun to watch the really old episodes some haven't aged so well and some are scary ahead of their time. I remember the first time I ever watched an episode. It was first year of uni and my one roommate was having a crisis of what to do when I grow up? After hours of Law and Order he picked Law. I was hooked by then and always fondly remember sitting on the couches at the LSM house eating lunch and watching the show.

2. Is there some law that cold remedies have to taste awful? Seriously they all taste horrible, Buckley's is the worst but at least they are honest about it, the others aren't much better. Even neo citran doesn't taste great, I mean who thought sick people would like hot lemonade flavoured remedies. It's funny because I try to only take remedies at bedtime to help me sleep during the day I self treat with peppermint tea, a spoonful of honey, hot baths, lots of oranges and juice...none of which taste bad and seem to work almost as well. What do you rely on when your sick?

3. More thoughts on wanting what you can't or don't have? Why is it so hard to let go of things. I could save a lot in rent if I could just downsize enough to fit into a 2 bedroom apartment but that would mean letting go of a bunch of stuff. Suddenly I'm reevaluating what I want in the future, do I really need to hang onto a house full of furniture even if I like it. Would my life be better with or without it? Traveling lightly seems a good idea especially considering in 3 years I'll be moving again to who knows where to do my masters. In India I saw how little people truly need to survive and they seemed happy. Yeah you can say they don't know better but really is anyone in North America happier because of their stuff? See I always have lots of questions but no real solutions.

4. Skin hunger...I'd never really heard about this before but this last year I've suffered this. Our society is one that doesn't encourage casual touch between people especially as we become more and more germaphobic. As part of a couple you get used to a certain level of touch in your life, after the death of a spouse I guess you could say you kind of go through a withdrawal period.

5. For the Ladies: I have found the best product ever, I took it with me on my trip and it was amazing. It's a little awkward to share but you need to know about it. It's called the Diva cup and it is a menstrual cup that's reusable. So you never need to buy another tampon or pad again just pay the 20 bucks for this product and you are set for life. It was a lifesaver in places where you can't even flush toilet paper, also it's light to carry and takes up very very little room. I know you're thinking yuck I'd have to wash it, isn't it messy and hard to use. I know you're thinking that cuz I thought that when a good friend told me about this product. I'm here to say it isn't messy, it's easy to use and yes you have to wash it but really it's not gross and if you're in a place where washing it isn't feasible just give it a wipe. Want to know more? Here's a link to the products website: I seriously wish I'd heard about this sooner and tried it sooner.

Well these thoughts weren't as light as bubbles but things I've been wanting to share for a while. Enjoy


Alex Free said...

I'm more of CSI girl, the Original Vegas version of course.
I actually took Buckley's for my last cold - at least you know what to expect so when you gag you're braced for it with a bucket near by. And my home remedy is lots of rest/sleep with peppermint tea and honey.
I remember a couple of years ago suddenly realizing that I hadn't been hugging my 10 year old very much. With a toddler running around getting lots of hugs, helping hands, and bedtime cuddles, my oldest king of got neglected. As soon as the lightbulb went on for me, I made sure to hug, pat, tickle, whatever way more often. It does make a difference. Unfortunately our society does seem to be moving away from any kind of casual touching, as our personal space bubbles expand.
Interesting personal hygiene product - I wouldn't mind never dealing with tampons again ;-)

Alex Free said...

PS - I hope this means your feeling better :-)

Jen said...

Try adding iced tea mix to the Neo Citran - it helps to tone down the overwhelming lemon flavour. I find it way too strong, so this is what I do to make it easier to get down. I agree with you about how materialistic North Americans are. I've been trying to reduce the amount of "stuff" that I have, but it's a very slow process, and like you, I'm having trouble giving things up.

Crankygirl said...

For those of you perhaps a little more squeamish, try reusable cotton menstrual pads. You just wash them with your laundry. They work great and a) the wings never come loose and stick to your hair; and b) you don't get diaper rash.