Tuesday, May 18

Ups and Downs

Well I'm settling back in nicely and well mostly spending my days procrastinating with bouts of packing and painting. I have my courses all lined up for the fall term and got the great news that I will only be doing 3 years to finish my B.Ed in Early Childhood Education. Now I'm beginning to look for a place to rent in Regina and figure out things for moving.

Selling the house is bittersweet but necessary. It sort of mocks me with memories of happier times and it seems that everything decided to break this last year because now the dryer gave out and I'll be replacing it. So now my goal in selling is to make back all that I've had to spend on the dumb house, luckily it's not a race to sell situation so I can set my price and wait for it to sell. Although for a buyer this place is good since I've put a lot of work into it and things have been fixed. However, it's been home for so long it's hard to imagine being somewhere else. The constant chaos is really disturbing the cats and being cats they let you know in kind of gross ways.

I've been catching up on my favorite TV shows and for someone who gave up TV for a couple of years I'm enjoying several shows. Dr. Who is off to another great start for a season, and I love Glee, Big Bang Theory and How I Met your Mother. For some reason I'm really into mystery programs right now Law and Order, Bones, NCIS, bring it on if there's a dead body. I'm eagerly awaiting the next season of True Blood and Tudors. This TV watching has shown me that I like nerdy guys...who do I have crushes on? The new Doctor, Leonard, Will Schuster, Indiana Jones, etc. forget the bad boy this girl likes a guy with brains....although I'm realistic enough to know that these are just actors and I don't have a chance but hey may as well enjoy what you watch.

Sleep seems to be elusive, at least at decent hours but I'm working on it. Hopefully cutting out all caffinated beverages and my no sleep in policy will help. Also I'm not allowed to blog at late night anymore because I become quite the negative nelly. There's so much to be thankful for and I need to focus on that instead of dwelling on small annoyances and at 3am the small annoyances turn into giant mountains of negativity.

Sleep well!

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Jen said...

I LOVE The Big Bang Theory!! Do you watch any of the CSI shows? Lots of dead bodies there...