Thursday, May 6

Settling Back In

Well the worst of the Jet Lag is behind me and I've been busy settling back in. It's strange but suddenly my life feels like it fits. I'm officially enrolled at the University of Regina and once I talk to my academic advisor I'll have my courses lined up. I've been checking for places to rent in Regina, getting the house organized and cleaned for sale, and all the other things you need to do when you've been gone for 3 months. I've spent time with friends and family with lots more planned in the weeks ahead. It's nice to be home!

If you want to see my photos and have tea with me someday just let me know, you'll be glad to hear that out of 3000 photos my photo slideshow is only 300 pictures long. Of course if you want to see the rest of the shots I'm happy to oblige just book a day off to come over. :D

The cats survived well without me and have now forgiven me for going away. How did I know I was forgiven? They joined me in the shower looking for attention. I think I have the only cats in the world that don't mind getting wet and will come into the shower if you forget to close the door tight. WEIRDOS!!

While traveling was great and I'm still processing all the things I've seen and done; it is fabulous to be home. Even if it's just home for 3 more months. August is moving month and then I start school Sept 8th. I'm debating about going for orientation on the 7th. I'm hopeful I don't have to take Math 100 but there's still a chance I'll have to :( it's not that I suck at math but it's been a LONG time since I did any higher level math.

Like I said I feel much more optimistic about the future and like I have the strength to move forward. It's strange to feel so much energy after dragging butt for over a year. I guess even when I thought I was doing good I was still moving pretty slowly. I feel bad for how much I let slide and how many people I let down over the last year. I also have made some decisions that weren't the best and tried to rush when I needed to just be still. Looking back at the last year I realized how crazy I really was and how impaired my judgement was. I'm so grateful for my friends and family sticking by me and for telling me the truth when I needed to hear it and for being patient and quietly supporting me until my whims changed. It's nice to feel like sanity is slowly returning (although some people may say I've never been completely sane :P)

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