Monday, May 3

Home Home on the Plains

Well I did it I circled the entire globe and made it safely home. I'm tired today but satisfied. There's nothing quite like getting home after being away and after so long it was very wonderful to be home and in my own bed. It was awesome to be greeted by my family with lots of hugs and a chance to visit and begin to catch up. Today I tackled the pile of mail and began to get things under control. I'm already seeing the benefits of my trip, things that would have overwhelmed me to find or catch up on or I would have avoided I'm tackling with ease and feeling like I'm in control of my life. I have to catch up on some things that I've been avoiding but I have a plan now and I'm moving forward. I needed to get away and grow up.

It's strange I always thought I was a strong independent woman but I'm realizing that I relied on Armin for a lot of support and to take care of things. There was a lot of fear for me in facing life doing it alone but now I know I can handle it. I tackled the pyramids, went on a jungle hike, I've been to the Taj Mahal, searched for Nessie in Scotland and so I've proven to myself that i can be a strong independent woman.

I'll post my Scotland pics and share my adventures soon I'm pretty tired today but just wanted to share my happiness at being home and my excitement for the future.

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Alex Free said...

I'm happy that you're travels have reaped so many benefitsfor you on so many levels! Way to go! I could use a bit of the courage to tackle that daily-grind stuff - you will be my inspiration!