Monday, May 31

Soapy Thoughts

Tonight I relaxed with a bath; part of my new bedtime routine to help me sort out my sleep patterns and I realized that when I move I will lose my favorite possession my superduper bathtub :( I'm still trying to figure out a way to move it but I think alas it will stay with the house. My thoughts tonight were random and as light as soap bubbles and I thought it was time for a bit of laughter.

Thought #1: Another of my great aunts passed away but my main thought tonight was what to wear to the funeral that my cousins hadn't already seen...then I realized that I had seen more of my cousins this last year than the previous 3 combined....but mostly for sad things so then I started trying to plot out happier occasions we could get together for....which mainly boils down to weddings and baby then I was trying to figure out who would be next for both of those occasions so I could "pressure" them into moving along on that....hehehehehehe....I love an excuse to match-make and it's fun cuz I'm out of the baby race...

Thought #2: Today I was at the dollar store and my friend extolled the benefits of a tongue scrapper to me....this isn't the first time we've had that I'm wondering if this was her subtle way of telling me I had bad I'm sitting here trying to smell my own breath....and cursing the fact that I don't have A here to just ask....and now wondering who to ask those ridiculous and awkward questions to...I mean really which of my friends or family members gets to be the person I ask the "do I look fat?" or "do I have lettuce in my teeth?" or "does my breath stink?" questions too....still trying to decide who the lucky person is but could someone comment on this post and let me know....Does my breath stink??

Thought #3 I just realized that every-time I take a bath my one cat Tybalt climbs into the sink and sits/lays in there while I'm in the tub which is amusing...then I realized he gets out when I get out of the tub....then I realized he's imitating me....OMG funny....OMG is imitation still the sincerest form of flattery when it's your cat imitating you....and does this mean I take too many baths....also is it weird that it doesn't bother me to have the cat sit in the sink while I take a bath?? Comments welcome to this question too

See no deep thoughts tonight just some light laughs and an encouragement to post a comment. All commenters will be entered into a special prize draw...yep that's right...comment on this post and I will give you a chance to win a prize. Why? Because you were willing to read my thoughts and I'm guessing it isn't the first time and I appreciate my quiet following. It's easy to comment just click on the pencil icon under this post and write away. I love hearing other's thoughts too :D The prize isn't quite finished yet but once it is I'll dig out my camera and take some shots of it and post it for you to see.

Keep Smiling!


Crankygirl said...

Yes Megan, your breath stinks. I can smell it all the way to Saskatoon. In fact, just tonight as I was putting Xoie back to sleep, this awful smell drifted into her room. UGH! I thought. Megan must be breathing again. :P

Monica said...

I love that fact that Tyb is trying to psych you out while you are taking a bath... ha! Well Crankygirl must have super smelling powers because I didn't smell it yet... hmmm a tongue scraper only assists with you have less bacteria in your mouth than if you didn't use it... now you should try Listerine Total Care for Sensitive Teeth if you are worried about bad breath. Brush and rinse... its good stuff. :)

Alex Free said...

I just use my toothbrush to clean my tongue. I think it's funny that your cat copies you and unless you're in the tub 8 hours/times a day, I don't think you can have too many baths :-) My dog only voluntarily enters the bathroom when one of us is on the toilet - we're a captive audience for possible attention petting and ear scratching. I'll tell someone if they have lettuce in their teeth, or their zipper's down or they have something on their face - bad breath gets a gum recommendation :-)

Anonymous said...

I suggest finding someone for Kevin, especially now that he's got his own place! In the mean time we should have a 'You finally moved into your own Place' party for him.
I totaly understand how you feel about your bath tub. I loved the bath tub in our first house and we had tons of water so I could fill it as much as I wanted. Now, sadly, I have a small bath tub filled with tons of toys that has the lovely harvest gold shade of the 70's and a well that doesn't like it when you use too much water.
I wouldn't worry about bad breath I've never noticed it and even if you had bad breath I'd still love you.
Anyway, thanks for making me laugh I needed that today.


Brenda said...

Hmm. I've never thought - wow, Megan's breath stinks.'' But I have thought 'boy does she have cute shoes!'

See you Friday. And you can come to my house when it is finally done (if it's before you move to Regina...)

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better one of the girls who I was working for at the Children's festival mentioned bringing sunscreen now that didn't bother me much because I'm a little burnt on my face but she also mentioned bringing deorderant. Both Jed and I were wondering if we were smelly people. Now I've always thought Jed was pretty clean but you know you can't smell yourself, so now I'm super worried that I'm smelly.
I do think I'd be uncomfortable with Edgar sitting and watching me bathe. I'm pretty sure he's a pretty huge perv.

JulieG said...

Okay now it is my turn...first of all as the parental unit I don't think it should be my duty to tell my daughters things BUT I certainly will if they ask me...guess that is fall out from teenage years where whatever I said was totally dismissed :)!
If poor Beamer can put up with all she has for the past 10 years with girls, Neil & me...Tyb can certainly enjoy dry baths. I think of how Beamer looks at me when I have one of my rants and I realize she does think all humans are NUTS! So being your breath does NOT stink, No some other people don't require deodorant (at least when they are around me), I think Kevin & housewarming sounds like an oxymoron...who knew Kevin needed his housewarmed?!?! Yes I think Megan has gorgeous shoes and that even if the occasions have been sad I have enjoyed knowing our family can support each other 100%. Love you all

Crankygirl said...

I can smell myself. I stink. Worse than Megan's breath, so I used to always carry deodorant with me. Now that I'm home all day, though, it doesn't matter: Xoie doesn't care if I stink. In fact, she probably likes it.

Jen said...

I would probably tell someone if they had bad the nicest possible way of course. I don't think it's at all weird that you don't mind Tybalt in the bathroom with you when you bath. Sam comes to visit me when I'm in the tub, although it's usually to tell me how awful his life is (no one can tell a tale of woe like my Sammy-cat). And I used to turn the bathroom faucet on for Sam so he could drink from it.