Monday, March 8

Revenge of the Geckos

Okay so I totally forgot to address the subject of my last posts title. In southern india Geckos are everywhere and tolerated (perhaps encouraged) to come indoors because they eat bugs. However, I DO NOT LIKE GECKOS!!!! In fact they creep me out. However after two weeks of geckoey goodness I have reached the point where I no longer scream and I even shared my shower with a gecko (ewwww) but I still move my bed away from the wall because Merriette assures me they can't jump. I draw the line at sleeping with a gecko. I don't know why they bother me so much but they really do creep me out especially indoors. I can appreciate that they are helpful in getting rid of bugs but so are screen doors and windows....something no one here seems to have. Sigh so geckos are my new friends even if I don't want them to be. It's okay you can laugh at me, I can handle it. Everyone else on the tour already laughed at me for this especially the evening I was sitting on my bed while Merriette was showering a Gecko ran full tilt down the wall scaring the crap out of me so I girlie screamed....Merriette nearly drowned laughing at me when she established I wasn't in immediate danger. Oh well could have been worse one of our tour mates opened the door to their room at our homestay to find a snake....thankfully not a poisoness snake but still a snake. Suddenly Geckos don't sound so bad.

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