Thursday, March 18

Pictures from London and Paris

Well there aren't many of them but here's my current photos of the last week or so. This means that I am up to date on my photos!!! Big happy dance. Could someone in my family make sure Grandma sees some of my photos too?

Laundry should almost be done wow I love laundry service. I could have sat there and done it myself for 5£ and two hours or I could pay the lady 10£ and go do other stuff. :D brilliant.

I went and saw Alice in Wonderland last night....WOW...brilliant. I'm so glad I went and saw it and reallly enjoyed it. I also ate at an awesome Mexican restraunt so all in all it was a great evening. Now just to figure out the radiator in my room so that it becomes less sauna like and my life would be perfect.

Going to figure out some plans for the next few days but will probably visit the V&A museum this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a fellow Cannuck to get into some trouble. Then I think Saturday I'll book a bus tour of Shakespeare country and tour the birthplace of Shakespeare, Oxford university and his wife's home. I really enjoyed the last tour I took.

Well I have run out of things to say and time to say it in, so stay tuned till next time.

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