Wednesday, March 24

My Home away from Home

Well I did't post much in London and I didn't take many pictures, why? Mostly because I was just enjoying being "home". It's strange out of everywhere I've been no place feels like it fits better than London. If it wasn't so expensive to live there I'd probably consider the move and I'd make all of you come visit me :D there. It truly is one of my favorite places to be. I never feel lost or confused there just at home. I toured the most random and fabulous museum the Victoria and Albert museum, you jump from room with statues into a room filled with jewelry into a textile wing back into stained glass. I also toured the fashion exhibit filled with clothes and shoes and the drama/theatre exhibit. It was amazing and all free!!

Besides some very minor sightseeing I mostly just relaxed, did some shopping, visited with a friend from Canada who has moved to London (lucky her) and packed my stuff to mail and for egypt. I also have made arrangements for my last three weeks in the UK before I come home. I'll spend some time in London then take the train to Edinburgh, from Edinburgh I'll arrange day trips out to see the sights of Scotland, then back for 3 days in London before flying home. :-D I'm looking forward to this part of my trip.

First though I have Egypt to see, I flew all day yesterday and spent a lot of time in the Cairo airport before arriving in Sharm El Sheik and then I was driven an hour to the small resort I'm staying at outside of the village or Dahab. Now I know I said I was going to be on the meditranean but apparently geography is not a strong suit of mine :D I'm actually on the Red/Arabian Sea LOL I am very near Mount Sinai I had that part right. Actually there's a spectacular coral reef here so tomorrow I will try my hand at snorkelling. Today I did a grand total of nothing, slept in, had a late breakfast, laid in the shade reading a book, gave myself a manicure/pedicure and now I'm doing my blogging. Not exciting but that's the purpose of this Dahab visit. I'm here for 3 full days and I'm going to take it pretty easy. The compound I'm in has 3 pools and the "beach" area, they all have bars and there's even a swim up bar at the adult pool. There are a lot of Europeans here so the teeney tiny bikini's are interesting but the speedos on old gentlemen are disturbing. Actually since I packed with a muselim country in mind I feel very amish. LOL although compared to the egyptian women I've seen I'm scantily dressed.

Egyptian men are very forward, I've been "admired", proposed to and propisition which is very strange to me but mostly I've taken it as compliments. The driver who asked for a kiss for a tip was my funniest I told him I'd given up kissing, he asked why and then when I said it was because I was widowed he turned red and appologized for offending me. I wasn't offended just wasn't going to kiss him but oh well it was amusing. Actually I feel like it's more of something they feel like they have to do and if you ignore it or laugh it off they stop and you can get on to business.

All this time spent alone has given me lots of time to think and I've realized except for a little in Paris I haven't felt lonely. I actually like spending time alone and touring alone is kind of nice, you can go where you want when you want. I like eating alone because then I can read my book and not be rude. I also in London can chat with people around me when I feel like company which is nice too. I've met so many interesting people because they ask me about my ebook reader at a restraunt, cafe, bus stop, plane and then we start chatting.

I think I was trying to rush things when I said I was ready to date, I think I felt that whole OMG I'm single and 30 thing on top of never really having been single and freaked out and felt like I needed to be looking at the very least. The one thing I've learned this trip is I'm okay being on my own and that I'm okay to let God lead on when and who to date. My attempts have only muddied the waters and made life harder. I'm going to let myself be single and enjoy it. Also I'm already plotting my next trip(s) EVIL GRIN anyone interested in Israel in May next year? How about joining me on the Book Bus volunteer opportunity I've found? I'd love to do Israel next May when I've finished classes for the summer so if someone would like to join me for a two week tour just let me know.


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Alex Free said...

I'm glad to hear that your travels have brought you what you were looking for!
I don't think I can do Isreal but I can't wait to hear about your trip first hand!
Keep enjoying yourself overthere :)