Monday, March 8

Goodbye India Hello London

Well I'm now in cheery old England and so glad to be here. It's cool spring time weather here (THANK GOD) and I'm feeling much more like myself. I arrived last night after flying here through Dubai. Didn't see much of Dubai but I was so excited to have a burger at the Burger King in the airport....beef never tasted so good. Tonight I'm totally going to find some place that serves either steak or roast beef. It's still novel to be able to drink tap water and brush my teeth without bottled water. I'm looking forward to salad with fresh veggies for lunch. I mailed 18kg of stuff home to my parents which includes lots of fabric from India so now I'm back to travelling light which is a relief. I've also dropped all my stinky clothes off at least the ones that survived India some of my clothes just didn't stand up to the extreme heat and the beat on a rock laundry techniques used in India so they didn't move on. Today's agenda is to resupply my clothing and toiletries and pick up my laundry after I get my photos uploaded. Tomorrow I've booked myself onto a bus tour of Stonehedge, Windsor Castle and Bath including pub and tea stops :-D it sounds very nice and they pick me up right at my hotel. Then Wednesday I board the Eurostar and go on to Paris for my week there. I have to admit I am enjoying and feel more at home in Europe than I did in India. It's nice to blend in and be annonymous somewhat. I also love my little tiny hotel room, I'm in Kensington Gardens which is right by Notting Hill and Hyde Park area. Also near Kensington Palace where Princess Diana lived for you royal watchers. Well not much exciting news or anything just a quiet catching up type day. Working on getting photos uploaded while I'm typing this but it's slow going and there are a lot of them so it might be a 3 post kind of day.

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