Friday, March 12


warning this post will have no punctuation and typing errors because this blasted french keyboard has all the keys in the wrong places and no apparent shift key

so im back in france and its lovely the weather is cool but pleasant the hotel im in is sooo me very funky but nice i love it

having some trouble speaking french it keeps getting garbled with German
which confuses everyone

been sampling the wine unfortanetly i have no idea how much a centilitre is so ive been going to bed a little tipsy the past few nights ooops due to ordering too much wine with my dinner thankfully tipsy seems to help my french improve so perhaps i should drink more [sarcasm]

i visited the louvre today and did some shopping at an amazing craft store bought way too much ribbon

tomorrow is monmatre shopping and a visit to musee orlay

sunday im going to the gregorian mass at notre dame cathedral

then monday and tuesday if i need a second day i will be disney park bound

that will bring me back to london on wednesday

well ive got to go before i throw this keyboard across the room in frustration, i may not update this again until i am in london unless i find another keyboard

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Pamela said...

So happy to hear that you are having a great time. What I wouldn't give for a week in Paris right now...the food, the wine, aahh...oh well, right now I'll just keep reading and picturing myself having the adventures you are so enjoying.