Wednesday, September 1

Home Sweet Home

Tonight the cats and I celebrated, they had some wet food, I had a dream soda and some cheesy dip with nachos, it was wild. What were we celebrating? We are officially unpacked!! A few things need sorting but I'm declaring us moved in. It's a very nice feeling and it is fabulous to be in a new place. So much emotional baggage was left behind and life feels fresh and exciting.

It's a little lonely being in a new place but I've already made some contacts in the local board game community and we're going to go for drinks and I've already been invited to join a poker group. Also I've been up to Saskatoon to visit some friends there and we have plans to get together a lot more. Orientation is on Tuesday and classes start Wednesday so I'll be meeting people there.

I really like my apartment building it's about 15 minutes to anywhere in Regina. I've found a grocery store I like too. I just need to find a good place for chinese delivery and life will be complete. The area I'm in is very multiethnic which is cool I suspect some people would think that was a bad thing but I'm happy with it. There's a very cool coffee shop just a few blocks down, the farmers market is 5 blocks away, and I can't wait to explore the bakery cafe down the street. I'll be going to the university tomorrow to get my textbooks and my student id, hopefully the lineups won't be too bad.

The cats are mixed about this change in their home environment. Tyb has settled in pretty well he misses having room to play but he likes being able to look down on the world and watch cars and people. Adrianna spends a lot of time in hiding and I'm worried about how much weight she's lost but she's started bossing Tyb around and peeing on the bed to prove how mad she is at me so I think she'll be okay.

I've even started crafting now since I'm partcipating in a craft swap on that I'm excited about. But since my swap partner might be checking up on me I have to keep the details hush hush so she'll be suprised ;)

So life is pretty good here in Regina it's far from the people I love but it'll be okay!

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