Saturday, September 25

Happy Birthday!!

Well I'm another year more experienced and what a year it has been. I travelled the globe and ended up here in Regina. I started school again after being out of school for years. I've made many new friends and enjoyed lots of time with friends of old. My life is unrecognizable from the life it was a year ago but some things will never change. I've identified what is truly important to me and weeded out the excess. I've reached a point where I am very content with my life. I had a great weekend visit home with my family, and I went to celebrate a dear friends recent wedding and had a great time catching up with longtime friends. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday and I got the present I wanted which was a drill. I know it pained Mom to have to buy her daughter a power tool but I love it and have used it already.

My days here are finding a pattern. Mondays and Tuesdays are very long days I'm in class from morning until night but then I have two short days and no classes on Friday. I devote Friday's to running errands and studying. Saturdays I head to the coffee shop for a location change and to get a lot of studying done without the distractions of home, then grocery shopping and cleaning. Sundays I go to church then if my readings are all done I relax doing crafts or reading for fun. It's not very exciting I guess but I'm content and I'm very on top of my readings and schoolwork. I sure like patterns and this works well for me. I've learned so much already and it's amazing to learn how to put into practice the critical theories I studied in my English classes. There's a lot to be said for coming back to school as a "mature" student.

I fell in love today...nope not the cute Johnny Depp barista, although he's good eye love is my new vacuum! I did the math, I researched and I bought a Dyson. It is well worth it although I almost changed my mind several times but after using it once I think every penny was worth it. My yucky carpet looks better than when I moved in and I love the mini beater head for cleaning the furniture. I think if he'd let me there's even a tool that could clean Tybalt :D but he's worried he'd be bald.

Tybalt is loving all the extra attention and while we miss Adrianna he's become a new cat. He is now quite bossy to me and meows to scold me when he doesn't get his way. He's also a lot more playful but this means his water dish gets dumped at least 3 times a day the upside of this is the bathroom floor is quite clean. When it's nice ie. not raining he sits on the balcony and watches the traffic, people and pigeons below. I'm a little worried he's getting an elevated sense of self but then I remember he's a cat he already thinks he's the top of the world. As long as I keep feeding him, petting him and supply him with toy mice he's happy.

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