Friday, September 10

Good bye dear friend

It was a sad day today, after being together 10 years lovely Adrianna had to be put down. Two years ago we were a family of 2 humans, 3 cats, 1 dog now it's just Me and Tybalt...sigh I'm beginning to wonder who I angered up there. This goes beyond ridiculous I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of sick melodrama and I'm tired of feeling like all I do is tell people sad sob stories when we talk. I'm tired of crying and saying good bye. I feel really bad like the stress of moving was the cause of her illness and that makes me feel guilty but the vet said this could have happened anyways. I'm going to miss my little mousie but I'm glad she didn't suffer too much and at least I know Armin will take care of her now.

The hard thing is my first week of school was great. I've already met a few people so I feel like I see a few friendly faces as I walk around campus. UofR is small in comparison to the UofA and it's kind of nice that way. My professors have so far been very approachable and good instructors in fact my only complaint might be they do more handholding than I'm used to. Even the readings I've been doing have been far most of the stuff is going to need adapting to fit my future goals but knowing where you want to go really helps you while you're studying and working. This is a very different feeling than my first degree where I didn't know what I wanted and it didn't seem applicable to real life.

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