Monday, October 18

Camping...Having lots of Fun...Camping

Well I did it! Survived our Environmental Science camping trip. It was the coldest weather I've ever camped in and the wind was insane. I have to say that while there were moments I wanted to come home but I tried to stay positive and in the end I had a good time and was extremely proud of myself. It was great to get away from the city and I always love camping. I also enjoyed getting to know my classmates much better. In some cases ie my tent mates we got very close...because cuddling while sleeping was encouraged as a way to stay warm LOL. We also learned and discussed some interesting topics around food. Sometimes its easy to take for granted food and that what we get is actually good for us. However, that's not always true. We talked about making ethical and nutritional choices. We discussed eating local food, how the global food market hurts small farmers, the changing face of nutrition and about community supported agriculture. We even spent some time gardening on the CSA who let us use their land to camp on. All in all it was a great weekend. I'd been worried about it and it does mean I'm a little behind now on my schoolwork and don't even ask about my housework but I think it was worth it. I would do some things differently and I know I won't be taking little guys out camping but I think every experience is something you can learn from. Plus I have a new toughness level experience for myself.

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Jen said...

Sounds like you had a good time! I've always loved camping too - if you can count being in a camper with heat, water and a microwave (yes, we have a microwave in our camper) CAMPING LOL!