Thursday, October 14

Classes Rolling along!!

Well I survived the first big round of papers and mid-terms! Marks are trickling back in and so far it looks pretty good, I'm sitting around 90% in most of my classes right now. I'm feeling great about that and glad my hard work is paying off. I need to put a little more attention into my place because it's a mess and I never finished unpacking the craft room. However, that won't happen this weekend because I'll be camping for my environmental education class. We'll be studying about food sustainability on a green ranch. We'll be roughing it no running water, tents, no electronics, fire to cook on and no bathrooms. Thank goodness I've gone roughing it before so I'm prepared for it but I think some of my classmates are not as prepared. While I think camping in late october in canada is a risk it sounds like we'll get lucky with the weather. Hopefully it's a good time for everyone. We went biking yesterday for this class and it was fun. My butt is sore today but it was worth it. A beautiful day, a scavenger hunt and I proved to myself that it's easy to ride to and from school. So while I remain a weather wimp so I'll only be riding on good days but I'm going to work bike commuting into my school schedule. It actually doesn't take me any longer to get to school by bike and then I'll be getting a little more exercise. On bad weather days I'll take the bus and together this keeps my car parked and my lifestyle a little greener.

I had a great thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for! I have two cities to call home and people I care about in both. I am living a great life and achieving some of my dreams. I've reached a place of contentment. I've travelled and seen many things that make me even more grateful for my life. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving too and that you found things to be thankful for.

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