Monday, October 18

Age is relative

So I've been stressing a little about being "old" and back in school. Worried about the fact I don't fit in with these kids. Worried that my clothes mark me as different. Just plain stupid stuff. Then I went camping with my one class and realized that most of them don't view me as "old" in fact I don't think most of them realize how old I really am. Then today one of my classmates came up to me and told me how much she admired my sense of style and compared me to Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. I was floored I don't think of myself as stylish or cool or neat and I love Penelope she's soo cool. This one little compliment helped me reevaluate myself and feel like I can do what I want. With age I guess confidence can come and sometimes it's nice to know yourself well enough to feel great in my own skin. I forget this sometimes, I think everyone does, why do we always sell ourselves short?
I'm smart, motivated, fun, and have a pretty good wardrobe. So why do I think people might not like me? Why do I stress about what I wear?
Sorry no answers today just questions. Sometimes that's all you have.

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Jen said...

I hear ya! I've got a couple more years on you, and I'm still working on being comfortable with who I am. Some days I'm okay; other days not so much. There's a great line from this one Bon Jovi song that I just love: "Like a faded pair of old blue jeans, the skin I'm in's alright with me." A little pick-me-up for you.