Saturday, August 7

Movin' right along

Well packing for moving is well underway I keep telling myself it'll get better but right now it's just chaos around here. The cats are skittish and upset which means they leave presents for me all over. People are coming to pick up things that are going to new homes and I'm finding the back of closets and cupboards I haven't seen since we moved in. I think things are under control but I feel like I don't quite have a handle on everything. Those who have braved the chaos say it looks like I have it all under control so I'll trust that it'll come together on Moving Day.

I had computer problems but they are all fixed now and after a week without it I have my laptop back and I'm so glad. You don't realize how dependent you are on something till you have to make do without it for a while. My whole life is on my laptop, address book, email, books, tv, music, photos, etc.

I did the insane by driving out to Regina and back all in one day just to get my keys to my apartment and scout out the route. I like driving but 16 hours driving in an 18 hour trip taxed even my endurance. I made it safely there and back and only suffered a sun burn. I forgot that with the top down, even on a cloudy day, you don't feel hot but the sun still touches you :D. Oh well it's already healing and only my nose is peeling so far.

My new apartment wasn't quite as nice as I had hoped but it's big and has lots of storage so I can live with the touches of the 70s and the nasty old carpet. It's close to the university and shopping areas so that's positive. It also has a giant balcony which will be nice. I think once I get my furniture in and stuff arranged around it won't feel quite so horrifically dated. I have some rugs to put down to cover the bad carpet, I can put vinyl over the fake wood sliding closet doors and then you won't notice the lovely brass light fixtures. When there's nothing else there that's all you see. The good things are there's lots of natural light, there's an air conditioning unit in the living room, it comes with blinds on all the windows, the storage space is insane, the building and parking areas are very very secure and the building manager is very nice. Those are things you can't really change and well the other stuff you can live with or make small changes to cover or hide them.

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Jen said...

Sounds like things are going well! Make sure you leave room in a box for those two books that I have LOL. And I've been meaning to ask - livinh in the heart of the Rider Nation are you going to become a fan? GO RIDERS! (Yes, I admit it, I'm a fan!)