Monday, August 16

Fresh Start

Well it wasn't the easiest move I've ever made but I did it and now I'm beginning the process of settling in. It was a busy week, Wednesday I went out to the Red Piano with my friends for a good bye celebration. Then Thursday I finished all my packing and that evening we loaded up the Uhaul, I spent the night at my sister's place. Friday my brother in law drove the uhaul, I drove my car with the cats and my mom and sister drove mom's car and we caravanned to Regina. It took us a little over 8 hours the cats meowed and whined for 6 of those hours. Thankfully we easily found parking for the van near my apartment. My other sister flew out to join us that night. Thankfully some friends happened to be in Regina this weekend for a graduation so they helped us unload the truck...we even put their small children to work carrying little boxes and things as well as helping push the elevator buttons. I had hired some people to help unfortunately they were sketchy so we kept them downstairs and under supervision, they did get most of the stuff off the truck but my friends and family did a lot of the real work.
Saturday night Mom took us out for dinner to celebrate having finished. I was able to spend that night in my own bed. All things considered it went pretty smoothly and now the cats are slowly settling in. I've been tackling unpacking one room at a time and so far have a useable bedroom, bathroom, living room and I'm working on the kitchen today. I was excited when the sasktel guy came today and quickly got my phone, internet and tv up and running! It really is beginning to feel like home. I have a lot of unpacking yet to do but progress is being made, the cats are enjoying sitting in the windows looking out at the traffic. I'm already finding my way around town, it's pretty easy to find things.

So far I'm feeling really good about this move. I know I'm a long way from home but I really needed this fresh start. I feel a lot lighter being free from the house. Well there are more boxes to unpack and I need to move my car into my new parking stall so I'll post pictures of my new place next time.


Shannon said...

When you're unpacked, you should come for a road trip. Or even when you're not unpacked and just sick of boxes. :)

carmen said...

Hugs Megs! I've been thinking of you lots as you move forward :)

JulieG said...

As I said Saturday night..."family will always be there for you and we are so excited about your new beginning". This is exciting and wonderful--glad to hear the unpacking continues, the connection to the internet is done and that you and your furry friends are making it home. Love & hugs Mom

Mon said...

awesome, glad u r settling in. :) Good luck with all the new start.