Tuesday, April 29

Yeah for warm weather!!

Okay so I'm now two days for two of being able to drive home with the top down and it's great! I love the looks I get, I love the feel of the wind in my hair and pumping the tunes out into the air. Last week I was crippled with a horrible headache and missed three days of work so I did a lot of reading. I read the whole Lauraine Snelling Red River/Blessing series, not great literature but not bad for those Christian historical romancey things. It was light on the romance but heavy on the character development which made me happy. I'm really excited because the library has purchased Barbarella and I've got it at home here to watch! I remember this movie from a sleepover when I was 12ish, we rented it and Tremors (both of which I'm pretty sure two 12 year old without parents shouldn't have been able to rent) and we watched them and thought we were soo cool and totally giggled through all the adult content. Somehow I don't know if the movie will live up to the memory they seldom do.

The long awaited wedding shower happened on Friday and went off pretty well, not as well orgainized as I'd normally like but no one but me noticed. The bride enjoyed it, the chocolate martini's were a hit with everyone that tried them (even my grandma) and you can't go wrong with chocolate fondue. So all that stress was really for naught.

Armin's been feeling poorly, but well enough he got bored and decided to fiddle with the truck, stupid boy, so I'm going to go tell him to go back to watching TV. Bye!

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