Wednesday, July 9

Long Time No Write

Okay first off appologies for not updating recently. Now to catch you all up on life.

THE WEDDING went off without a hitch, only a few bridezilla moments but nothing major and everyone had a blast. Glad it's over with and life can go back to normal. Have to say the best part was that I actually liked the bridesmaid dress and felt it looked good! It was nice to visit with so many of our family, everyone was looking pretty good!

My motorcycle lessons went well but I failed the test due to extreme nerves :( but that's okay I'm going to practice lots with Armin this summer and tackle the test in a little while, maybe find someplace where they do a road test not a parking lot skills test. I even have a scar already from the course when I laid the bike down thankfully I wasn't hurt and it was just a little bike.

The big news and the reason I haven't post much is that I've been spending a lot of time at the doctor's this spring. I finally decided that it was time to go see someone about the way I've been feeling, especially when it started to impact my work. Turns out I have depression, something I've long suspected and ignored trying to deal with it on my own. I'm now seeing a counsellor and I'm trying out some anti-depressents. So far this has really helped and I'm feeling much better-more energy, more positive thoughts, sleeping better and no more panic attacks! I feel really dumb for not getting help sooner and now owe people a lot of appologies for all the times I've bailed on things because I "wasn't feeling up to it" and a lot of thanks for sticking around while I haven't been a very good friend/daughter/sister/family member.

Armin and I have decided to get back into the swing of church shopping, this seemingly never ending and frustrating process has taken it's toll on us and we've swung through all sorts of extremes. Through lots of discussion we've decided what we'd like in a church, what we want for our hypothetical kids, and now we're off to find this mythical church...hopefully within a reasonable distance of our place :D or we may just find someplace we can settle on for now.

We've purchased our airline tickets to London for Nov/Dec and are starting to plan out our European adventure. We're going to hit London, Paris and Germany allowing lots of time for visiting with Armin's family. I think the most exciting part is that Armin will get to spend his 30th birthday in Germany. We will be home for Christmas with pictures and souveniers in tow. We even purchased a new camera, a digital Canon XTI with the regular lens and we splurged on the telephoto lens. We're still playing with it but so far it is everything we wanted!

Well I work today and I haven't even done my hair yet so I better run!

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