Tuesday, April 8

Spring maybe?

Okay so you buy a convertible and then spend the next 3 months just waiting until you ccan take the top down. So friday I thought "man it's nice I can just about justify putting the top down even if I might have to keep the heat on" and then it started to snow. Guess that shows me who's boss and it's not me. On a side note
rear wheel drive + fresh snow + new standard driver = pretty hairy drive to work

So things have settled down with the shower but now it looks like the bridesmaid dresses have gone AWOL so the next crisis is arising but I'm just trying to stay out of the line of fire on this one because I just can not take anymore stress. I realized this as I'm picking a fight at midnight with DH over nothing much that I've reached massive stress overload and I'm not sure how that's happened. I've cut back on anything except work and time with family and friends and the occasional card making evening. No volunteer boards, no church stuff, no sport teams ...nothing. So how the heck could I be stressed out, perhaps it's the effect of being full time for the first time in like forever and having to learn how to balance an erratic work schedule, housework and the downtime I require to keep me sane and still feel like I see people I like (as opposed to the hoards of people I help at the library who while nice enough aren't my people). I'm going to have to work on this and get things in line or head back into therapy again.

Today I had the surreal experiance of helping this guy get a library card and him asking if he really could take 40 cds out and watching him gleefully pick out his picks, then realizing as I'm checking out his material for him that he might just be as wildly diverse in his music taste as I am. In the stack was my favorite gregorian chant album, the new akon cd which I love, the miseducation of lauryn hill cd always good, some of my favorite opera albums, some great rock cds and enough dance music to mix it up. If he'd thrown in a few bollywood soundtracks you'd pretty much have my current mp3 player mix. Weirdness I thought I was the only person who was that random.

While I'm chatting about music let me plug my new favorite soundtrack. The Juno movie soundtrack is amazing (so totally check it out) and I'm now trying to convince DH to go to the movie with me, I may get him to go by telling him it's either that, The Other Boleyn Girl or Sex and the City.

Since my last post our dear kitty KD passed away (he's the lovely cat in my blog pic keeping my books warm) so it's been a tough couple of weeks for us and for our remaining cat. The dog hasn't noticed but he's had a tough early spring here by developing an apparent allergy. The vet said he's "allergic to spring". How can you be allergic to a season? So now the he's on doggie claritin which he hates taking and keeps finding ways to foil DH's plans to disguise it. So far he's licked all the peanut butter off the bread and left the pill behind, ate the sausage then promptly threw up the pill, ate the cracker and bbq sauce and somehow sorted the pill out from it and left it behind and I'm just waiting for the next adventure.

Well I should post more often and then maybe these wouldn't get so long. (yeah right) Bed is calling so night!

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