Wednesday, August 3


Well classes finished last week already and I had hoped to be in Edmonton by now....however that is not what has happened but it's not really a bad thing as you'll see.

I went in to register my car here in Saskatchewan, thinking my registration expired in September this year.  I had the inspection report I'd been given in hand and was all ready to go.  However, they did the wrong inspection (free thankfully) but I had to get the right inspection done (costs money).  Bigger problem was that my registration expired a while ago (like April)....CRAP!! The kind lady gave me an 8 day temporary registration so I could legally take my car to the dealership and get my inspection and even phoned to make sure they knew which inspection I needed.  CAA membership is totally worth it at moments like this...they always have amazing staff that help with slightly stupid me problems.

So I go to the dealership, wait all day and they call to tell me I have to repair my bumper and front signal light before I can pass inspection (not unexpected).  So they order my parts in and tell me to bring the car back Tuesday and she'll be done by Wednesday at the latest.  I spend all day yesterday waiting for the early call (NOT) and almost all day today waiting before I called.  Apparently the high humidity is really messing with the paint drying times so my car won't be ready until tomorrow.  Then they'll sign off on the inspection and I can go back to CAA and get my registration done.  This means instead of getting to Edmonton Monday like I thought originally I won't get there until Friday at the best.

But this isn't all the waiting I've been doing.  Friday was the date of my 14 day revisit by Orkin...except no one called or showed up that day...I know because I waited most of the day for them.   Apparently I was supposed to tell my building manager to schedule it.  So I told her I needed the follow up treatment and inspection so she said she'd book it.  She then told me they should come yesterday (Tues.)...I waited all Orkin.  She then said they said today...I settled in to wait and they were here by 10:30am.  So they have retreated things and inspected and I'm officially without house guests.  The waiting was worth it in this case to have peace of mind that my place is pest free.  Tomorrow I can bring all the items that were decontaminated (1 hour in a hot dryer)  and stored in garbage bags on my balcony back into the apartment.  I don't know if I'll get it all put away but at least they are out of the elements.  I plan on taking time to sort through stuff and get rid of clothes that I don't wear, old towels, mismatched socks and reorganize my clothing storage as I put this stuff away.

On top of all this I've been waiting to hear from my sister that it's GO TIME...but apparently peanut has other ideas or has decided to wait until I can be there (hehehe) since he shows no signs of budging.  This is driving my sister sightly batty but she is still before her official due date so he's not late yet.  I'm just glad he's healthy and it looks like I'll be around to be part of the welcome to the world party when he arrives.  I've been using my waiting time here to craft things up for the baby shower...I'd share photos but I want to surprise my sister with them so you'll have to wait until after the shower.  I will say I made my first ever diaper cake and it was easier than I thought and turned out looking soo good.  No it's not edible as the father to be thought it's a decorative cake made out of diapers :)

Waiting isn't the most fun and today was even more difficult because during and for 4-6 hours after the retreatment Tyb and I both had to be out of the apartment.  Thankfully my friend Kristine came and picked us up (no car you know) and brought us to her apartment where her two kittens greeted Tyb (the world's largest cat) quite nicely.  Thankfully our kitty friends were able to find quiet corners and not bug each other too much so we were able to settle in and be creative with paints and circles.  Her painting turned out beautifully!  Mine was ok but not as stunning but I was just pleased to be creative and with a friend.  Friday I broke up the waiting by some winners shopping with Kristine and then went to La Macaroon an amazing French patisserie here in Regina for dessert with Miranda that evening.  It was so nice to have guilt free time to just visit and not worry about the school work I should be doing.

I came home today to find the parcel I had been hoping would arrive before I left on my doorstep :) crammed with the most wonderful art supplies to play with while at my parents.  So maybe all this waiting hasn't been too bad.  I've gotten lots of relaxing done, watched mindless TV, got my apartment woes settled, visited with some friends, and prepped things for the baby shower.  Perhaps patience is a virtue and the reward is all the things that get done while you're waiting.  At least now when I leave on Friday it's knowing that everything here in Regina is taken care of, my car is legal and safe to drive again, and with some relaxing already done.  Which is good because I'm already booking up with chances to see friends and family while I'm home.  Saturday is a BBQ with friends in Camrose, Sunday I'm going to see Wicked with a friend (sooo excited), then it's fringing and visiting for the rest of my time.  Also more waiting as we wait for peanut to arrive and finally get to welcome him with cuddles and hugs into the Ginther and Pelech families.  I've packed my camera so hopefully he's not camera shy so I'll have some pics of the little guy to share when he does arrive!

Good things come to those who wait!

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