Tuesday, February 2

Two More sleeps!

Well it's the final countdown till I leave, everything appears to be in place. My friend Kathryn the most organized person on earth is coming to help me pack everything I think I need for 3 months into one tiny backpack. Ok it's not really tiny it just seems that way when you think I'll be living out of it for 3 months but that's part of the adventure. Just waiting for purolator to deliver the package of documents from my travel agent and then tonight's job is scanning in all my important documents and id and emailing them to myself and my parents so that if something happens i have copies.

My cat/house sitter K has arrived and I feel a bit invaded. Hadn't realized how much I was getting used to being on my own and how much I like that. Had to have the chat cuz I realize I'm just not into him that way so we're just friends and that's where it's staying, so all that worry and drama for nothing. Sometimes life is that way but this way it's easier this is just a friend thing and there's no complications to mess this up. Tyb already adores K and is happy to follow him around for pets. Adrianna is still standoffish but K won't let her bully him so at least she'll be well looked after and he even tries to pet her once in a while. So I'm confident they're in good hands and will be well looked after.

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