Saturday, February 6

Safely Arrived

Well I'm safely arrived in Dehli. For the most part the flights were long but boring, however due to all the time shifting lack of sleep and turbulence from Hong Kong to Dehli was torturous I was pretty sick but once on solid ground I felt much better. The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was amazing, traffic here is unbelievable, no one drives within any lines, follows the speed limits or uses seat belts. It was like the best amusement park ride ever! I loved every minute of it, unfortunately it was dark still so I didn't see much on my ride but it was fun. The hotel is very nice, plain but good service and clean. I've already met a few people from my tour, but not my roommate yet. I'm really proud of myself I've even gone out into the neighborhood here alone and while I stick out (can you say white) and I don't speak Hindi most people speak English. There is a fantastic looking fruit booth just on the corner so this afternoon I may go purchase a few pieces of fruit to nibble on. Most of my time has been spent sleeping so I'm ready for my tour to begin tonight. These were the few days I was most scared of being on my own and it's been easy. My pack weighs 30lbs and I feel like I overpacked but the one lady I talked to said it sounded like I was good and if I buy too much just buy a cheap suitcase that's what she always does. :D I love permission to shop!!
So far the sounds of Dehli I will remember are horns blaring, dogs barking, and fast spoken hindi swirling around me. I have tasted amazing food spicy and savory all at the same time. Dehli is much cleaner than I expected, dusty but that's a small thing. It's been around 25 degrees so the heat is tolerable the humidity is a little high but still tolerable as well. Glad I brought long skirts they will be much nicer than pants I think.

Well I should go and enjoy some more time in Dehli meet new people and have fun!


Anonymous said...

absorb it with every bit of your being Megan. Let it wash over you and fill you with incredulity.

Jen said...

Sounds awesome! I'm sorry I missed getting together with you before you left, but I was swamped at work after my Christmas break, and then I came down with bronchitis. Sigh. Have a wonderful trip, and take in everything and then some!!