Friday, November 6

Finalizing Plans

Well it's been awhile since I posted and I apologize. I hit a rough patch where I just didn't feel like communicating but I'm coming out of it and I've started taking some steps to finalize my plans for the next few months.

First off I quit my job, this has been in my mind for a while but I didn't want to say too much until it was official. December 1st will be my last day at the library, which is kind of sad but exciting at the same time. I quit for a number of reasons but mostly so I could pursue some dreams of mine. So I will be enjoying the Christmas season and a trip to New York for some holiday shopping and visiting with friends there.

Then K will be visiting from Halifax for New Years and some skiing in the mountains. My trip to Halifax was very nice, it's a gorgeous province and it reminded me how diverse this country is. K and I are just friends because it's just not possible to casually date when you live on opposite sides of the country and anything more than that I'm just not really ready for. So the best case scenario happened there I saw a beautiful place and made a new friend so be happy for me.

Then if my visas come through in time I'll leave mid January and go for a month to India with a tour group. I'm excited about this tour it has two nature safaris, a home stay component, and it tours northern and southern india. Then I'll be home for a few weeks and then I'm looking into a 2 week tour of Egypt that includes a stay in the dessert with some of the dessert tribes and sailing the Nile. That would bring us to April aka Birthday Month which I couldn't miss there's too many important people to celebrate that month. Then if my money holds out I'm aiming for a two week safari in Kenya/Tanzania.

After all that travel fun I'll be moving to Regina to begin a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education. Why Regina? They do the program the way I want, my practicums would be in preschools not elementary schools and well why not Regina.

Wow a lot of changes are ahead for me and my faithful kitty companions but we're looking forward to it and will be sharing our fun with you along the way! Please continue to pray for my family, my sister is struggling and we're trying to support her and cheer her on as she's taking some very important steps towards better health. Also pray for me I'm really starting to feel the permanence of this loneliness and it weighs on me and also for safety as I travel and wisdom as I'm making decisions about my future. I sure appreciate the support I've received especially as my plans have been so fluid and ever changing. When all things seem possible it's hard to nail things down.

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anno said...

Wow! You have a lot going on right now. Some of your plans sound very exciting....the travelling is always amazing for so may reasons.....stretching us farther than we thought we could go.