Wednesday, September 2

Sand in my shoes

Well my shoes are full of sand, I have dirt under my fingernails and my soul is refreshed. Amazing what a visit to the playground can do for one's soul. There's something about watching kids play and playing along that just feeds your spirit and helps you remember that there is a time when the world is uncomplicated and joy is unfettered. Kids are fearless, they don't stop to think about whether they can or can't do something they just go because they haven't learned about consequences, they haven't learned that things aren't always going to be alright, that sometimes parents aren't fast enough to catch you and that isn't a bad thing. Maybe as a grownup I need to live that way a little more, stop worrying about the consequences, do what I want to do, make the leap and trust that if I fall someone will catch me. Yes I know that sometimes people fall but I've also seen them get back up. So I'm going to keep a little sand in my shoes and playground in my heart. Thanks for the visit Alice I enjoyed digging in the sand with you and remembering that life doesn't have to be so heavy!

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