Wednesday, September 23

Happy Birthday

Well it's official I'm now 30. Somehow I thought I'd feel different about this, but I just feel blah today. I didn't plan anything so it's going to be very low key just some cake and ice cream tonight with my family. I kind of wish I had planned something but doing so just seemed to make the fact Armin isn't here more real. I had a nice weekend scrapbooking with a very nice group of people. We were at a beautiful b&b in Evansburg with excellent food and all we did from 8 in the morning until 2 at night was work on our projects. I got a lot done and really enjoyed myself. Actually everything's been a lot blah lately and I've reallly noticed the emptiness around me. I know I haven't been reaching out enough but days go by without seeing anyone but the cats so it was nice to be around people all weekend. I've been spending way too much time online just surfing idly so I'm going to have to get a move on getting involved in something that gets me out of the house or people into the house. Right now the move is at a complete stop. With the decision to head to Regina for school still floating around and looking like a very good option and taking some time off before to travel. It seems dumb to move twice in less than a year and before paying for schooling it seems dumb to move into a place where I'd need a mortgage when I can live here for free. It's also central so I can sucker people easier into stopping by to feed cats while I'm away for longer times. So the repairs will happen next week but after that I'm going to hold steady for a bit and wait until I know what I want in the next few weeks/months before moving.

Well happy birthday to me! 30 isn't as scary as it seems!

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