Sunday, December 29

A bumpy day

While at the world of science we got a phone call that Grandma had collapsed while grocery shopping and was taken away by ambulance.  After several frantic phone calls we found out that she was a the Royal Alex in the cardiac unit.  After getting the whole story I wanted to share the miraculous things that have resulted in Grandma getting the care she needed to get on the road to recovery.

Grandma says she had been feeling tired the last few days and not quite herself but just thought she was tired from Christmas.  Today after a lazy day she decided that she should go to the grocery store.  So she headed to Sobeys.  Once there she had horrible chest pains and headed to the little coffee shop to sit down.  In the coffee area were several long time friends of hers who noticed she wasn't looking good.  They helped her get seated and when she started to get nauseous brought her a garbage can.  They also went to call an ambulance.  However, luckily there was an ambulance crew stopped right there for some groceries.  Her friends waved the EMTs over who quickly whisked Grandma away for treatment.  The friends then phoned my Aunt and drove Grandma's car home.

In the meantime Aunt Lois called us and we all met up at the Royal Alex where they put a stent in to open up the blocked artery.  She was then stable so they took her to the cardiac unit at the Misercordia hospital for her recovery.  We were able to see her and visit with her once she was settled into a room.  The good news is that she is already feeling better and is looking pretty good.  There will be a lot of tests and they will be watching her pretty closely but she is in a good place with great staff.  She was very lucky.  This happened in a place where she had quick thinking people around her, the medics were right there and she got great care very quickly.  As a family we were given a big scare and reminder of how fragile life is.  I know many people saw my early prayer request and your prayers were greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support and thank you to all medical staff who have already given Grandma such great care.  

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Jen said...

Wow, how amazing that things happened the way they did!