Friday, March 9

I lost a few months and my mind

So it's been a few months and I've been crazy with school work.  This compressed semester was intense but now the hard part is over and it's off into the classroom we go for three weeks.  Since I've been soo busy nothing has really been getting down around my place.  It's been go, come back and dump things.  Half the time dishes weren't getting done and things have been kind of gross.  So the goal for this weekend was to regain my sanity and get my place under control.

This morning was getting off to a slow start when the fire alarm went off.  I started to get my shoes on and then it was turned off.  Whew false alarm I thought.  Then I heard a funny noise.  It sounded like rain on the roof....wait i don't have a roof....I only have an apartment upstairs....hmmm....maybe a tap is dripping.  No no taps dripping...hmmm   Suddenly I realize there's water in the hall closet...pouring down.  Wait now it's coming down in the kitchen!  I run downstairs to the lobby to tell the building manager and then the chaos begins.  I spent the whole morning moving things out the the water path, putting down buckets and mopping up spots.  Then once it stopped coming down so much I began the clean up.  The bathroom now sparkles, the closet is reorganized, the kitchen is cleaned top to bottom.  The living room is dry and vacuumed.  I'm well ahead of my spring cleaning schedule thanks to this little emergency.

Tonight I'm starting the craft room reorganized and straighten up.  It'll take most of tomorrow too I suspect but then I'll finally move onto clothes reorganization.  Packing up sweaters (since spring seems to be here) and bringing out the work clothes for teaching.  I should probably also make sure I have my stuff together for day one of my teaching :-)  My brain already feels less crowded and crazy.

In other news I decided to embrace my inner dweeb and bought tickets and booked a hotel room for the calgary comic con.  It should be good especially since a large number of my cousins will also be there.  Apparently nerd is genetic LOL!

I pulled off a great birthday surprise for my grandma and family last weekend.  I worked super hard all week to get ahead on my homework and I then drove down friday for the birthday dinner and back again on sunday.  It was a very short visit but I got to see everyone and cuddle my little cole-bear.  He's getting so big and soooo much fun.  He loves to bounce and is almost crawling.  He's also started eating solids and he's a real chow hound.  He even cuddled with me at the end of the evening, really melted my heart. He even wore the bear suit I got him because we all call him cole-bear.

My diet hit a bit of hiccup, stress eating is a particular weakness of mine.  However, I've been doing okay but mostly because I haven't been buying junk food.  I didn't lose any weight but didn't gain any either.  I'm hoping to be better now my stress level is dropping and being in the classroom teaching is a lot more active than sitting in a lecture.

So that's my life for the last little bit and how I lost but hopefully am finding my mind again.

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