Tuesday, January 17

Wordless no more

I knew the state of having nothing to say couldn't last :D I know some people might wish I would shut up but I seem to always have an opinion or something to say.  So I'm realizing I am an emotional eater...yep...I get stressed I eat.  I get upset I eat.  I get depressed I eat.  I feel happy I eat.  You get the picture, heck I even eat cuz Im bored.  So I need some new strategies, problem is I don't actually know a healthy way to deal with these emotions.  I recognize that eating is just another way of repressing my emotions.  I need to address this if I'm going to have long term success.

So I've put a sign on the fridge and the cupboard door it says "WHY are you eating?"to try to get me to think before I reach for food.  I also started reading the book "The Life You Want" by Bob Greene.  It discusses emotional eating, as well as how to deal with cravings for starches and sugars.  I don't know why starches and sugars are so addicting to me but they are the hardest thing to control.  I grew up on starches and so they are my comfort food of choice.  However, everything I'm learning says that reducing my starch intake is the secret to long term success.  I don't struggle as much with sugary treats since my brain has always recognized that a little goes a long way.

So this is what I'm learning about; it's not just about control but figuring out why I eat and finding other ways to deal with those emotions.


Marg Teasdale-Labrie said...

Hi Megan, I have found an excellent health and fitness site called www.sparkpeople.com They have have menu plans, recipes, exercise tips and good general health tips and facts. They send you emails daily and they have calorie and exercise trackers. The best part is that it is free. It has helped me the last couple of years. I too fight the weight battle so I understand your struggles. Good luck and take care.

Unknown said...

Thanks Marg, I appreciate the support. I'll have to check that site out. I'm using weight watchers right now somehow just the fact I pay for it makes me want to use it more (LOL) but extra help is always good!