Tuesday, July 5

New Venture

Well I'm taking the leap into personal business by setting up a website and advertising my services as an instructor, as an added bonus it gives me a place to sell my art.  The name is Thirzadune ART Farm a tribute to the farm I grew up on and the family I grew up in.  Thirzadune is the name of the farm I grew up on and it means gentle rolling hills an apt description of the farm.  The website is www.thirzadune.com and it links to this blog as well.  I'm excited about the opportunities this may bring my way but recognize it's going to take some work to get this off the ground.

I am back into classes and it's another super fast 3 week course so I've hit the ground running.  Today I swept through the library in search of books for the research paper and the supplementary texts.  The subject this time is Indigenous Studies 100 and it looks to be interesting but there's a lot of reading and information to wrap my mind around in a very short time period.  I'm glad that I had a good week off in Edmonton to refresh myself because I'll be spending a lot of time in the library for the next few weeks.

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