Monday, May 23


So quite a few years ago I had my first encounter with this and I hoped after so long they were wrong about reoccurrence.  However they were right....grrrr....I've now spent two horrible days trying to stay still and stare at the wall convincing my body that no we are not spinning.  Walking is torture even just to the washroom which is 10 steps away...10 very spinny steps even if I hang on to the wall.  All this spinning has my stomach convinced it needs to purge itself so I'm nauseous all the time.  I have to say this sucks and if it goes on much longer I don't know how I'm going to cope....I can't drive and can barely walk.  However today I am able to focus for short periods on the computer screen and sit upright as long as my head is supported so perhaps there's hope.
When I'm sick I want my Mom or Armin so's hard being sick knowing there isn't someone around that could come help you.
Yep I'm whining today but this sucks and I hate it.

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JulieG said...

Wish I was closer. You have no idea how hard it was for both your Dad & I to leave yesterday. I hate knowing you or any of my children are suffering...just remember you must listen to the body--not the obligations. Hard to do but you will recover sooner.