Friday, December 31

Turning over

It's the dying moments of 2010 a chance to look back at the last year and a moment to look forward. It's the moment we make promises to ourselves about things we want to change. It's the season of new journals, day-timers, calendars: all crisp and blank quivering with the anticipation of a year of appointments, to do lists, rants, thoughts and assignments. For me a new semester is about to begin with new professors, challenges and experiences. This is one of my favorite holidays it's about sitting quietly perched on the cusp of something new, a year filled with possibilities, letting yourself look back at the last year filled with snapshots of good times spent with friends and family. Even your regrets seem less when you gaze into the unwritten future. In school we talk a lot about reflection as important to being a good teacher. We write reflection pieces and meta-reflection pieces. New Years is a reflection holiday we celebrate; saying goodbye to the good and bad of last year, make promises about the new year, and for a moment hover in a space where everything seems possible.
So I encourage you to take this moment look back see both the good and bad, make promises about what you'd like to change and just enjoy the possibilities.
Happy New Year!!

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Jen said...

Well said!